Flaming Burger

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Flaming Burger

Flaming Burger is happy to announce the site is up and running…
Thanks to every one for coming since the fist day we opened, we also welcome the new customers that have just hear from us and have try our delicious burgers…..


  1. 11-5-2011

    I stumbled upon the restaurant; what a find. We go every week. The burgers are the best in Dallas, and the fresh cut fries are El mejor en el pueblo (the best in town). Fried Jalapenos (bottle caps) are a must, every visit. Free Shiner Boch upon reuest, those folks hitting the mearby Mcdonlds are making a BIG mistake!!

  2. 12-8-2011

    Absolutely awesome food and the staff Rocks!!!! McD

  3. 12-16-2011

    I didn’t mention the new burger by my wife, Linda. She calls it the lettuce burger: A mushroom/jalapeno burger wrapped in lettuce, minus the bread. Marco knows what she wants before she orders. People routinely ask “what is that”?
    I’m not suggesting her big weight loss is due solely to the lettuce burger, but that’s many calories she doesn’t take in……..

  4. 2-11-2016

    Flaming Burger,                    Is a great find.  Serving real fries. and hamburgers, from the grill. Not the microwave..    Is a restaurant .

  5. 2-15-2016

    I went to Burger street the other day and spent double the amount of money for a greasy burger, it got a 5 on the burger scale. Flaming burger always gets a 10, in fact they set the standard, 10 represents one of flaming burger’s cheeseburgers.

    No one else grills the buns, much less uses poppy seed buns. “Best burger in Texas” is certainly believable. Oh, and the only reason I went to another place is because at work flaming burger is too far away :-/ I hope you guys get more metroplex locations, if you do come to Mesquite and Addison so I can have good burgers all the time!

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